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Damage. No. 1 (July 1979) through no. 12/13 (June 1981) (all published). [Title from masthead, Damage: An Inventory.]  San Francisco (Damaged Goods Co.) 1979-1981. [46316]

Issue number 4, January 1980.

Damage: An Inventory. Issue number 4, January 1980.

A pronounced regionalism prevailed in the American underground music scene of the late 1970s and early 1980s.  In California, the micro-climates of Los Angeles and San Francisco each nurtured a distinctive local take on punk rock. Local fanzines reflected this, with publications like Search & Destroy celebrating the eclecticism of the Bay Area while Slash Magazine spoke to the angular defiance of Melrose and Silverlake.  Brad Lapin’s Damage: An Inventory represented itself as a partisan of both communities, and furthermore, sought to connect West Coast punk to developments in Tokyo, Paris, London and elsewhere. [click to continue…]