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The Bricklayer’s Art

by Admin on Tuesday, March 2, 2010

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[futurism] Trade Catalogue.-  Milan.   Società Anonima Giuseppe Verzocchi.  Veni. VD. Vici. Milan (Società Anon. G. Verzocchi) 1924.  [45934]

Illustration by Fortunato Depero.

Illustration by Fortunato Depero for Veni. VD. Vici.

“All I have,” explained Giuseppe Verzocchi in a 1950 interview with Life magazine, “I owe to work. I intend to build a monument to it through art.”  Verzocchi made good on the promise (and then some), commissioning hundreds of Italian painters and illustrators to create work incorporating themes of labor and industry over the course of his life.   [click to continue…]