Weltkrieg: German Artists Respond to the Great War.

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Collection of 14 World War I Print Portfolios by German Artists.  Including works by René Beeh, Emma Frenberg, Karl Bober, Bruno Kraustopf, Ursla Stolte, Paul Hartmann, Elsa Weigandt, Erich Dietrich, Hilde Schindler, Georg Mathen, Editha Quaas, Joshua Bampp, Paul Winkler, Josef Eberz, Fritz Gärtner, Erich Gruner, Willi Geiger, Carl Christoph Hartig, Luigi Kasimir, Hermann Struck, Richard Müller and Heinrich Vogeler. Munich, Berlin, etc., 1914-1917. (47377)

The First World War may have been the last global conflict to be so comprehensively illustrated and interpreted by graphic artists.  Only a few decades later, Capra and the photographers who followed his example would claim battlefield documentation largely for the camera.  With the centennial of the war’s commencement looming next year, F.A. Bernett Books has acquired a collection of print portfolios that demonstrate how German visual artists represented and responded to the Great War.

The collection is comprised of fourteen rare albums including 464 fine press images executed in a variety of media including  copperplate etching, stone lithography and foil-stamped silks, with many images in full color or hand-applied tints.



Stylistically, the portfolios range from expressionistic to gravely realistic.  In subject matter and tone,  invocations of Kaiser and heimat contrast with somber recordings of the destruction wrought on provincial churches and monuments.

The array of faces and uniforms on display serve to remind contemporary viewers just how vast the conflict was, drawing in participants from virtually every corner of the globe.

But the most haunting images, of course, bear witness to the human dimension of the conflict by reflecting the intimate and ghastly details of its fatalities.


For more information about these scarce portfolios, most of them executed in 100 copies or fewer, please contact us.

FAB Item I.D. # 47377.

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